Chelsea Muth, Ph.D., Therapy Intern


Chelsea is a mindfulness-based psychologist, currently training as a therapy intern. Over the past decade she has specialized in understanding and improving psychological health and well-being, from a mindfulness-oriented perspective. Her work focuses on fostering health in multicultural, everyday life settings, amidst difficulty and suffering. Well-being is a process, not an endpoint. Improving well-being means befriending the diverse and unfolding inner processes that comprise us as complex individuals and communities. It is a privilege for her to be beside you on your journey. She will meet you wherever you are with an attitude of heartfulness, and without judgment.

Chelsea enjoys working with adolescents, adults, and couples from all walks of life. She also has a special interest in working with people with disabilities and/or chronic illness, college students, issues related to relationships and/or sexuality, and people dealing with experiences of systemic marginalization (e.g., racism, sexism, transmisogyny, ableism, etc.).

Education and Experience

Chelsea’s background reflects her multifaceted depth of interest in human wellness. She is currently working on her practicum to finish her clinical training in Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. She previously earned a Ph.D. in Human Development and Mindfulness Interventions from Penn State University, an MA in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, and a BA in Cultural Anthropology from New York University. She is a Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher who trained at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness, founded by Dr. John Kabat-Zinn, and she currently teaches MBSR-based programming and leadership training at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also a fellow of the National Institutes of Health’s Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, and a certified yoga teacher from the Ayurvedic Institute in Coonoor, South India. Locally, Chelsea is an environmental and social justice advocate involved in several Richmond-based organizations.

Chelsea Muth


  • Ph.D. Human Development and Mindfulness Interventions, Penn State University
  • MA Psychology, University of California, Davis
  • BA Cultural Anthropology, New York University
  • Qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher
  • Fellow of the National Institutes of Health’s Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
  • Certified yoga teacher from the Ayurvedic Institute in Coonoor, South India

Contact & Insurance Information

  • To schedule an evaluation or an initial therapy appointment with Chelsea, please contact the front office at (804) 673-0100 x256 or
  • Current patients can reach Chelsea at (804) 673-0100 x217 or
  • Office hours:

    Mon. 9 am – 3 pm
    Tues. 9 am – 3 pm
    Wed. 9 am – 1 pm
    Thurs. 10 am – 1 pm
    Fri. 9 am – 3 pm

  • Self-pay only, no insurance accepted.