Shanan Raines, Ph.D.


Dr. Raines provides assessment and diagnosis of children with all types of learning obstacles and ADHD. The goal of her assessment is to provide a profile of a child’s learning potential to help in developing strategies and treatment.

Dr. Raines also has expertise in assessment of children for educational placement in kindergarten, private schools and gifted programs. 

Education and Experience

Dr. Raines obtained her Ph.D. in 1989 from State University of New York at Buffalo in the Counseling and Educational Psychology program with a degree in Counseling Psychology. She then went on to complete an internship at the West Roxbury/Harvard Veteran’s Administration system, focusing on neuropsychological assessment.

After moving to Richmond in 1989, Dr. Raines worked for 12 years in the rehabilitation unit of Children’s Hospital where she gained knowledge of brain behavior relationships. Dr. Raines became increasingly interested in the process of learning and the obstacles children face in reaching their potentials which subsequently led to her current career of assessment of children with learning disabilities.

Dr. Raines began working at Westhampton Family Psychologists in 2000 and in 2003 became a partner in the practice. Dr. Raines lives in Bon Air, Virginia with her husband and two children.

Shanan Raines


  • B.S. in Psychology St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York
  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Internship West Roxbury/Harvard Veteran’s Administrations
  • Post Doctoral Program in Neuropsychology at Children’s Hospital, Richmond, VA
  • 12 years working at Children’s Hospital on the Rehabilitation Unit
  • Partner of Westhampton Family Psychologists

Contact & Insurance Information

  • (804) 673-0100 x 206 (Please leave a voice mail message and Dr. Raines will return your call. You can also email Dr. Raines at
  • Offices hours: Tuesdays – Fridays
  • Fees: Self-pay arrangements only