We've found the below material helpful as they deal with some of the most common issues experienced by families.


The Internet offers a wealth of information. Below are sources we trust. We make every attempt to make sure all links are accurate and functional. Please alert us to any broken links.

Websites for ADHD

  • National Attention Deficit Disorder Assoiation.
    An excellent resource for information, support groups and links.

  • National Institute of Mental Health
    Comprehensive resource for child and teen health.

    National organization for children and adults with ADHD. There are also local chapters for CHADD that can be found through this website.

    This site discusses research findings regarding behavioral and medical treatments for ADHD.
    Helpful answers on understanding and managing people who have ADHD and for the parents and caregivers of these children.
  • CDC ADHD Resources
    Great source for statistics, research, recommendations, facts, articles, education, training and tools for ADHD.

Websites for Learning Disability Information

  • Learning Disability Association of America
    Great resource for articles, resources and general information. State resource at

  • National Learning Disability Association
    Good resource for a wide range of information.

  • Schwab foundation
    Offers more practical information.

  • LD Online
    Magazine-type website that is attractive and appealing in its presentation. It is funded by Schwab as well and offers practical, weekly advice.

  • LD
    Comprehensive website which feature many specific suggestions and books that can be downloaded.

  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Process
    Highly regarded multi-modal approach to teaching children. This website helps connect you with tutors and allows you to purchase information.
  • Institute for Multi-sensory Education
    A commercial website that sells a product to be used by parents at home. It is relatively well-regarded by professionals, but it is recommended you speak with the school resource specialist before spending money on any home products so that there is coordination between what is being taught at home and at school.

Websites for Anxiety in Children