Psychopharmacological Evaluations and Medication Management

We provide psychopharmacological services to children through middle-aged adults. Our providers work in collaboration with the patient families to decide on a treatment plan to include a variety of interventions including psychotropic medication management if indicated. Communication with both the clinicians providing psychotherapy and other medical providers is frequent to ensure continuity of care. Education about mental health disorders, medication uses and potential side effects are also included during these sessions.

An in-depth psychiatric assessment is conducted providing special attention to history of present illness, previous mental heath treatment, lifestyle (social, dietary, sleep hygiene, and exercise) as well as family and medical history. Questionnaires and assessment screenings are utilized for information gathering and to assist with appropriate diagnosis. Pharmacogenomics (genetic testing) alongside MTHFR gene testing is available upon request and helps to identify which psychotropic medications may be the most effective and well tolerated. Read more about Genetic Testing.

Presenting problems can include: 

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • ADHD
  • mood disorders
  • PTSD

Psychiatrists and nurse practitioners provide psychopharmacological services.