Psychological Testing – FAQs

How can I get started with testing?

Each psychologist schedules his or her own appointments, so contact the psychologist directly. There may be a wait time to schedule testing.

Testing involves:

  • Initial one-hour appointment with parents to gather history.
  • One to three sessions of testing lasting from one to four hours.
  • A follow-up appointment with parents to review the results (Note: Arrangements can be made to review results with children).
  • For testing to assess giftedness or for private school admission, the process involves one appointment: The child will start first and be tested for an hour to an hour and a half;
    results will be reviewed immediately after the testing is completed.

What is psychological versus educational testing?

  • Psychological testing usually means testing that assesses attention issues and/or emotional concerns.
  • Educational testing usually means testing that assesses academic skills and learning issues. 

What are the costs of testing?

  • Costs vary widely depending on the type of evaluation, so please contact our referral coordinator for more specific billing estimates.

What should I tell my child?

  • You may want to tell your child that the testing is to help them learn better, make school more fun, help you to yell less, etc. to make the experience more positive.
  • Testing generally involves activities that are geared to the developmental level of the child; most children find the experience rewarding and even fun.

What will happen on the day of testing?

  • You will not be in the room during the testing so if you and your child are comfortable you do not need to stay while your child is being tested.
  • You may want to pack a drink and a small snack for your child to have during the testing.
  • It is helpful if your child could get a regular night’s sleep prior to the evaluation. Avoid any late night activities the night before. Your child may also need time to relax after the testing. A lunch outing may make the transition back to school a little easier.

How do I get results from the evaluation?

You will be mailed a copy of the report following the feedback session. This copy is your property and you will choose who recieves a copy of the report at your discretion.

Do you offer adult testing?

Lara Meili at (804) 673-0100, x205 coordinates our adult testing. Adult testing we offer:

  • Adult ADHD testing
  • Testing for learning disabilities as they pertain to job and/or college/post-grad programs
  • Testing for emotional concerns