Clinical Services

counseling services for children and adolescents

We provide psychotherapy services for children of every age. Parent guidance and consultation is generally the format used for the youngest children. However, children as young as two or three are sometimes seen in our office.

Parents typically have many questions about their children’s development, adjustment and coping. Thus, parents are always seen for an initial interview before a child is seen.

Play therapy is a modality of choice for children who are pre-school through early school years. Older children and adolescents are often seen in individual psychotherapy but their parents and families are always involved in the treatment process. Sometimes children are involved in therapy, perhaps with a parent present, or in family therapy.

presenting problems often include:

  • questions of anxiety or depression in childhood
  • problems with social interaction or friendships
  • behavioral issues such as anger management, sleep problems or symptoms associated with ADHD
  • coping with grief and divorce
  • family relationship difficulties

Psychologists, social workers and professional counselors provide counseling services; a variety of treatment approaches are used.