Clinical Services

educational consultations

Rachel C. Gladstone, M.Ed, M.S. Counseling, is WFP’s primary educational consultant. Ms. Gladstone is a licensed school counselor and educator. She provides consultation to families navigating school and therapeutic placements, helping families clarify educational goals and weigh the pros and cons of school placement options.

Thanks to her vast and rich network of connections with school leaders, medical professionals, behavioral health specialists, and various community resources, Ms. Gladstone plays a vital role in helping families secure and maintain the educational and therapeutic services they need most.

services often include:

  • Post-testing school planning consults
  • Support with school-based accommodations and services (504/IEP/service plans)
  • Support with school transitions and admissions process
  • School counseling sessions (grades 3 – 12)
  • Support with residential school/program placement (ages 12-26)

The educational consultation services offered at WFP are the perfect compliment to our psychological and psychoeducational evaluation services, as Ms. Gladstone is able to help walk patients and their families through the lengthy list of recommendations and resources that often accompany testing results.