Clinical Services

executive function coaching & academic tutoring

WFP’s Executive Function Coach & Academic Support Specialist provides services to students as young as age 5 through age 21. The goal of these services is to enable students of all ages to reach their full potential by developing their executive functioning skills, which are brain processes that manage, control, and regulate our cognitive functions. These skills include planning, organization, working memory, self-regulation, attention, and time management. These skills can be learned through practice and application for future success.

services often include:

  • Creating Individualized Learning Plans
  • Setting up weekly schedules
  • Assisting students with a system individualized for class content and course expectations
  • Monitoring progress in each class
  • Advocating for each student to ensure appropriate accommodations are in place
  • Helping students with note-taking & study skills
  • Teaching students how to manage large, complex assignments, projects, and essays in a timely and concise manner

With over 20 years in education, Jennifer Nodar, M.S. Ed. has designed and applied effective techniques to enable each individual to take the crucial steps for learning and development. These steps can lead to healthy choices in their academic, social, and emotional life.