Clinical Services

medication management

As part of our efforts to provide comprehensive mental health services in our practice, Westhampton Family Psychologists understands that psychiatric medications can sometimes play an important role in maintaining patients’ symptoms and restoring balance in the body. In alignment with WFP’s overall philosophy, our medication management providers believe in treating the whole patient with an integrative and holistic approach.

During the initial appointment, patients will provide a comprehensive physical and mental health history with a focus on mental health symptoms and any previous psychiatric treatment. Our providers believe in educating patients about the important role that exercise, nutrition, sleep, and other lifestyle factors play in overall mental health in addition to providing pharmacological treatments.

services often include:

  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Patient Questionnaires & Screening Assessments
  • Labwork
  • Patient Education
  • Pharmacogenomic Testing
  • Pharmacological Interventions

Our medication management providers work closely with patients’ therapists and primary care providers to ensure that patients receive the best treatment planning possible. Medication management services are currently offered under self-pay arrangements only.