Shanan RainesTo the Richmond Community,

It is with very mixed emotions that I am announcing my official retirement from my clinical practice. I have worked for 35 years in the field of psychology and 24 years at WFP and I am now ready to move on to the next chapter in my life.

To this end, as of April 25th, I will no longer be providing testing services. We want to assure you that our topnotch testing team, who have already taken over for me in many ways, is able to provide the thoughtful and comprehensive reports that are part of the WFP trademark with a minimal wait time to get in. It is nice to know that I am leaving the children in our Richmond Community and beyond in such capable hands. Check out our flyer highlighting our testing team’s accomplishments.. Please contact our referral coordinator, Amy Garrigan at for any testing needs.

I will remain a partner in the practice and anticipate a planful passing of the baton, allowing for a smooth transition as WFP continues to thrive in the future. In addition, this will allow me to stay on as a consultant for ongoing testing services.

I have been fortunate to work with an amazing group of professionals. WFP is a unicorn of a group due to its uniqueness of talent, passion and kinship.

I am also so grateful to the Richmond Community for allowing me the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful families and professionals.

Leaving has been much more of an emotional decision than I ever imagined, but I know it is the correct path for me and my family.  My dogs will certainly be very happy to have a full-time playmate …

Shanan Raines, Ph.D.
Westhampton Family Psychologists