We are excited to welcome two exceptional new therapists to our group: Dr. Claire McCown, and Dr. Whitney Mascaro.

Claire McCownClaire McCown, Ph.D., provides individual therapy & assessment for clients ages 8+, offering both psychotherapy & a wide range of testing services.

She specializes in sexual & gender minority (SGM) concerns, identity development, grief, relationship & attachment concerns, trauma, and intimate partner violence.

Using feminist and existential techniques, Dr. McCown helps clients process and make meaning of their identities as well as build empowerment and authenticity.

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Whitney MascaroWhitney Mascaro, Ph.D., works with clients aged five through 30. She specializes in depression, anxiety, trauma, complex PTSD, suicidality/self-harm concerns, and relationship issues.

She also offers therapy services and psychoeducational testing for ADHD and learning disabilities in children and adolescents.

Dr. Mascaro is multiculturally aware and trauma-informed, ensuring that her clients feel safe and supported throughout their therapeutic journey. She is a strong advocate for social justice and uses a values-based approach, to help her clients live fulfilling lives that align with their core beliefs and values. 

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